This is an ode to the humble toilet, so often misunderstood, rarely appreciated, and mostly taken for granted. The sacred sanctuary of the toilet is a place where we all must go, young and old, rich and poor, big and small. Everyone. For some, it is the one and only place to spend some alone time and do some soul searching. For others, it's a chance to catch up on all the trashy gossip magazines. You will only truly know the mighty importance of the toilet when you are in dire need of one and there are none around. So hail the porcelain throne to which you all must come and humble yourself.

The original idea behind this blog was to publish a coffee table book containing photos of all the toilets I visited in a given year. This never happened because some bastard stole my camera phone with all my photos on it.

But all was not lost. Friends kept on emailing me pictures of toilets and I snapped a picture every now and then. My collection grew and I eventually decided to put them online to make sure they would not be lost again. I figure with billions of people on the planet, there must be other toilet freaks out there.

If nothing else, at least years from now, after the human race has been destroyed, aliens will find the Internet, and they will come across this website, and they will know that once upon a time, on the planet earth, we had some beautiful toilets.

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