Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trevor's Trailer (AKA The Office) - Ocean County, New Jersey

Trevors Trialer AKA The Office somewhere in ocean county new jersey

Today, after an undeserved four month hiatus from posting, the Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Trevor's Trailer (AKA The Office), located somewhere in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Yes, yes, so what. Its been 4 months since our last blog post. We have better things to do than blog about toilets you know (not really). So stop whining like a bunch of entitled babies, and listen to what potty mouthed Randy the plumber has to say about this toilet that he sent us.

For you poor bastards trying to view this on your phones, the toilet has a humorous sign stuck underneath the seat that reads, "Warning, No Diving! Shallow water. You can be paralyzed!"

In what turns out to be a very funny email, Randy tells us that great people from around the country have used this toilet while visiting Trevor's trailer, AKA "The Office". We don't necessarily believe him, but we'll repeat it all the same. Randy's email was extremely entertaining, and we would love to come visit Trevor's trailer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we want to dive into this toilet and ain't no stupid sign gonna stop us! Stick it to the man, yeah! Secondly, even though we might regret finding out, we want to know why this trailer is also known as "The Office". So many possibilities exist but it would be rude to just ask via email right? Finally, Randy sounds like the kind of person it would be fun to hang out with for a night and then never see again. Just kidding, thank you Randy. To use your words, the email you sent us truly tickled the cockles of our hearts. We hope this post returns the favor.

All the best,

-- The Toilets of the World
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