Sunday, June 23, 2013

White Sands Bar - Inhambane Province, Mozambique

Photo of toilet from White Sands bar in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the White Sands bar somewhere in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique.

This photo was sent in by Rowan Moon and is a great deconstruction of the modern-day urinal. You won't easily find a simpler, more genius system than this. Take a bucket with a hole in it, hang it underneath a tap, connect it to a drainage pipe, and there you go, pee when ready.

Thank you Rowan and thank you White Sands bar for this slap in the face to the motion censor activated counterpart. Who needs it anyway?

-- The Toilets of the World

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