Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cafe Pacifica - Pacifica, California

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Cafe Pacifica in Pacifica, California.

If you've ever wanted to be a part of an underwater oceanic art poster, the toilet at Cafe Pacifica is the place for you. This photo beautifully displays some fantastic seaweed, a colorful fish or three, a few whales in the distance, and Toilets of the World team member, Tara Williams.

This fantastic paint job has turned the bathroom experience at Cafe Pacifica into a surreal, dream. Here you can let your mind wonder and imagine what it would feel like to got to the toilet in King Triton's underwater palace after discussing dinglehoppers and banded bulbous snarfblats with his troublesome daughter Ariel.

It should also be reported that this establishment is home to one of the finest lattes our team member has ever consumed.

A truly unique find. Great job Cafe Pacifica and thank you Tara.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

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