Sunday, November 4, 2012

Salvador Molly's - Portland, Oregon

picture of toilet from Salvador Molly's in Portland Oregon

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Salvador Molly's in Portland, Oregon.

Salvador Molly's was started 13 years ago as a hot tamale cart at the Portland Farmers Market. Founding chef Scott Moritz and his cart couldn't keep up with demand and a small cafe was opened. This small cafe has grown magnificently over the years and it gained national fame when Adam (from Travel Channel's Man vs. Food) showed up for the Great Balls of Fire food challenge. This involves finishing some very spicy habanero cheese fritters and the super concentrated habanero dipping sauce it gets served with.

When the team visited and discovered this wonderful toilet, we were very excited. It just felt right. Having a world map on the walls of this bathroom perfectly extends the theme of the establishment into the bathroom. Almost every aspect of the restaurant is influenced by the travels of the Salvador Molly family, staff, and customers. This can be seen on the walls, on the website, on the menu, and in the bathroom.

The food was great. Nothing on the menu sounded boring and everything we ordered exceeded our expectations.

Having had a great meal at a great establishment and having discovered this fantastic toilet, we relaxed and enjoyed the setting sun. We stopped caring about the boring state of most of the toilets out there. We had found a good one and the team was excited. We celebrated this wonderful bowl late into the night until one team member (who shall remain anonymous) got a bit carried away and threw a dead squirrel at another team member.

  -- The Toilets of the World Team

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