Sunday, December 30, 2012

Somewhere - Mali, Koulikoro Region

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from somewhere in the Koulikoro region in Mali.

With this toilet, (sent in by Marc Delport), we get ready to close the lid on 2012. What a year its been for the Toilets of the World Blog. The team is happy to report that having set absolutely no goals for 2012 we managed to accomplish them all with no great difficulty whatsoever. We are so pleased with these results that we will most certainly be following the same strategy for 2013. If you're serious about accomplishing all your goals in 2013, we highly recommend you follow are strategy and set none.

We wish you all the best for 2013. May all the toilets you visit this year bring you peace, prosperity and satisfactory bowl movements. May your toilet paper never run out, your seat never crack and your flushing mechanisms run smoothly. Find relaxation, inspiration and not constipation in this fresh new year.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Yukon Bar - Seward, Alaska

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from The Yukon Bar in Seward, Alaska.

The team simply loves this photo. The toilet seems to be shyly peaking its bowl out from behind its heavily graffiti-ed wooden divider. The walls of this bathroom holds enough reading material to keep its visitors engaged no matter how long the stay. Pure toilet art. This photo was taken by team member Cpt. Awesome during a recent visit to Alaska.

The Yukon Bar has been around since 1942 and is well know for great live music, a very nice beer selection, and great bartenders. A home to Seward locals and a favorite destination for visitors to the area, the Yukon bar is sure to be around for years to come.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Somewhere - Indonesia

photo of toilet from somewhere in Indonesia

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from somewhere in Indonesia.

This squat toilet was sent in by one of our regular contributors, Marc Delport. Having gone to a happy place in his mind while visiting this toilet, he doesn't remember exactly where in Indonesia this was.

Lets really look at this toilet and dissect what we see.

The squat toilet itself seems to be in pretty good shape. We've certainly seen dirtier toilets at most gas station or fast food chains in more developed parts of the world.

The tiles add some color and character to the room even if they are splattered with black "stuff" in some unexpected areas.

There seems to be a tap next to the toilet so (assuming it works) you can wash your hands when you're done. No annoying "Employees must wash their hands before returning to work" sign here!

There's also what seems to be a pot next to the bowl. We assumed this serves as the main flushing device. It could probably also be used to vomit in for visitors with weaker constitutions. Either way, being used for cooking Indonesian staples such as nasi goreng, gado-gado, sate or soto, are dreams this pot has most likely stopped dreaming a long time ago.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Salvador Molly's - Portland, Oregon

picture of toilet from Salvador Molly's in Portland Oregon

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Salvador Molly's in Portland, Oregon.

Salvador Molly's was started 13 years ago as a hot tamale cart at the Portland Farmers Market. Founding chef Scott Moritz and his cart couldn't keep up with demand and a small cafe was opened. This small cafe has grown magnificently over the years and it gained national fame when Adam (from Travel Channel's Man vs. Food) showed up for the Great Balls of Fire food challenge. This involves finishing some very spicy habanero cheese fritters and the super concentrated habanero dipping sauce it gets served with.

When the team visited and discovered this wonderful toilet, we were very excited. It just felt right. Having a world map on the walls of this bathroom perfectly extends the theme of the establishment into the bathroom. Almost every aspect of the restaurant is influenced by the travels of the Salvador Molly family, staff, and customers. This can be seen on the walls, on the website, on the menu, and in the bathroom.

The food was great. Nothing on the menu sounded boring and everything we ordered exceeded our expectations.

Having had a great meal at a great establishment and having discovered this fantastic toilet, we relaxed and enjoyed the setting sun. We stopped caring about the boring state of most of the toilets out there. We had found a good one and the team was excited. We celebrated this wonderful bowl late into the night until one team member (who shall remain anonymous) got a bit carried away and threw a dead squirrel at another team member.

  -- The Toilets of the World Team

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Wienery - Minneapolis, Minnesota

photo of toilet at The Wienery in Minneapolis, Minesota

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from The Wienery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Wienery is all about choices. With 17 pre-designed topping combination, its your choice to add either a Vienna Beef Hotdog, Vienna Beef Polish, Smoked Brutwurst, Spicy Italian Sausage, Vegan Tofu Dog or Vegetarian Italian. Topping options include The Upsetter (bacon, egg, cheese), The Briny (kraut, pickle, and spicy gairdiniera sauce), and The Mexicali (onions, cheese, backed beans, and sport peppers). You could get stuck on this menu forever.

This unpretentious West Bank diner has been serving up hotdogs since the 1980s. Its toilet is laid out exactly as it should be: in a dark space in the basement. It's also not very modern. But the door closes and the toilet works.

There's a rumor that if you spend the night in jail and take proof to The Wienery, you get a free meal. Only at a family establishment.

Much love,

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Monday, October 1, 2012

Friends Cafe - Clemson, South Carolina

photo of toilet from Friends Cafe in Clemson, South Carolina

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Friends Cafe in Clemson, South Carolina.

The team stopped at this laid back Mediterranean restaurant and hookah bar for a beer or two and some lunch. The food was good and well priced, the couches comfortable and the walls in the bathroom painted bright red. Pretty decent all round but not fantastic in any one way we can remember.

A storage place for the toilet cleaning utensils might be in order. The Toilets of the World Blog does support the cleaning of toilets, and perhaps the owner of the Friends Cafe wants his customers to know that his toilets do get cleaned, but in this case, on this day, in this bathroom, we think it was an eyesore.

We really don't have much else to say about the Friends Cafe. Its the sort of place we would visit again, but we wouldn't be very excited about it.

-- The Toilets of the World

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chrome - San Francisco, California

Photo of toilet from the Chrome shop in San Francisco

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the Chrome shop in San Francisco.

Chrome started making gear in 1995 using military grade fabric, seat belt buckles from old cars, and an unwavering focus on functionality. As it says on the Chrome website, "Chrome is about utility and mobility. Every piece of our bags, shoes and clothes is there for a reason. If it doesn't have a purpose, its gone."

We covet the Lieutenant Rolltop Messenger Bag. A lot.

The toilet is pretty great too. It fits in with the urban design idea and style of the rest of the Chrome range. Although we're not sure what the dark colored streaks are, we're sure its not blood. Right?

This photo was submitted by a Jessica Allred. If she's still alive, and not bleeding out next to this toilet, she's taking great strides towards becoming a team member.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An Airplane - Somewhere over Africa

photo of toilet in a airplane somewhere over Africa

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from inside an airplane which is flying somewhere over the African continent.

Does the sign mean you're not supposed to use the toilet? Can't be.

This one was sent in by Marc Delport.

  -- The Toilets of the World Team

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Praça do Comércio - Lisbon, Portugal

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the Praça do Comércio in downtown Lisbon.

photo of a toilet at the Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, Portugal

When the team was contacted by Renato Braz from Renova, we assumed it would be just another email from just another fan, driven mad by the top notch quality of this blog. It was not.

The first paragraph in the e-mail did catch our attention though.

"These are public restrooms in downtown Lisbon and our goal was to transform the 'go to a public toilet' from a boring and sometimes even unpleasant experience to a cool, fun and somewhat sexy experience. 'Sexy' meaning appealing, daring and clean." 

The link to the Dropbox* account contained a fantastic collection of otherworldly toilets and bathroom accessories meant for the gods. We are usually too lazy to post more than one picture, what with all the resizing and everything, but this time to do so would be a crime against humanity. This is but a small collection and the images won't enlarge when you click on them.  So for the full collection, visit their Facebook page.

The team was shivering with excitement and even though half the staff had already fainted when they read the word "sexy",  we calmed ourselves down and read on.

"All booths are cleaned after each utilization, we have studied and implemented special ventilation and space aromatization, booth soundproofing (SOUNDPROOFING!), etc. We also have a selected playlist of loud music and low and warm light thus contrasting with the usual cold white light seen in restrooms (PANTING AND DEEP BREATHING). Furthermore we use the available walls as a gallery to showcase the work of some invited artists. (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS NEXT SENTENCE) All to turn something that is usually a “non-space” hidden in dark corners to fully fledged place.        

Ladies and gentleman, the future of the toilet has arrived. For years The Toilet of the World blog has complained about the unnecessary boredom and lack of creativity found in most of the bathrooms we visit. Our scathing post regarding the dull state of the toilets at Walt Disney's supposed "Magic Kingdom" is a great example of what is wrong with the industry today. 

These toilets also don't discriminate against gender or mobility. As Renato writes:

"In this new restroom we also have a concept of non-discrimination by gender or by mobility conditions. It means that there are no male / female segregation and all booths are discretely ready to receive a person in a wheelchair."

Discovering an ally in these dark toilet times is a rare thing. Thanks again Renato, and all the best to you and Renova -you are perfect.

Oh, and we hear great things about the Praça do Comércio and Lisbon for that matter.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

You can find out more about Renova and view their products here: 

* New favorite word for a toilet 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Toronado - San Francisco, California

photo of toilet from Toronado in San Francisco

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Toronado, a pub in San Francisco.

The team loves graffiti and we love it most when it surrounds a toilet. Like a halo, the collection of graffiti in the bathroom at The Toronado shines down upon this plain toilet bestowing upon it a wonderful celestial glow. It also provides any user with ample reading material.

This toilet was sent in by Cpt Awesome, one of our regular contributors. His wordy report on the Toronado was, "Its an awesome beer bar". On this topic, we're confident we can trust his opinion.

The Toronado will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on August 11th. Go there, sample the beer, and add to the graffiti.

-- The Toilets of the World

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Former Toilets of the World Headquarters - Arlington, Virginia

photo of toilet with picture of king hanging over it in Arlington Virginia

Today, for our 50th post, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the team's former headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Over the past couple of years, the team has traveled far and wide collecting photo's of toilets from across the globe. We tirelessly labor over the images, reworking them and researching the location and history of each toilet. We then spend days sifting though this information and creating a blog post for you, our not-so-loyal and apparently extremely-uninterested readers.

Here's a questions we never get asked, but which we have decided to answer nonetheless:

"Your blog is amazing, we love it so much. You are so talented. One question, you always show us toilets from around the world but what does the Toilets of the World team's toilet actually look like?" 

What a good question that would have been if anybody had bothered to ask it. Well anyway, here you have it. The Toilets of the World throne. It looks amazing, and, when you're on it, you feel like a king. All we wanted to add was a scepter and crown but due to budget constraints (your fault!) that never happened.

Thanks for not really supporting us over the past 50 posts. Your lack of feedback and unwillingness to share our posts with your friends mean the world to us.

Best regards,

-- The Toilets of the World

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Absinthe Room - Memphis, Tennessee

photo of toilet in the Absinthe Room in Memphis, Tennessee

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the Absinthe Room in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Toilets of the World team stumbled upon this magnificent bar and billiards room while exploring Beale St back in 2010. Up a dark flight of stairs on the second floor, you'll find this spacious, interestingly decorated bar. Photo's, posters and paintings cover almost every inch of wall space. The large, street facing windows offer great views of the world famous Beale Street below. We were lucky enough to see the Beale Street Flippers going up and down the street for about an hour. A pretty awesome experience while sipping on absinthe and playing pool.

The Absinthe Room has multiple toilets, each decorated differently. This toilet, featuring a very suitable poster by Henri Privat-Livemont (Alphonso Mucha style for those who care) pleased us greatly. Many creatively decorated or themed establishments will forget to extend their theme into the bathroom and this is a real shame. The toilet can be a lonely, boring place with very few distractions. Thankfully the Absinthe Room got it right.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Monday, June 18, 2012

Somewhere - Xi’An, China

photo of toilet from somewhere in Xi'An, China

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Xi'An, China.

This toilet was sent in by Werner Arno van Rooyen, he took the photo during a night of "hardcore KTV'ing". A quick Google search revealed to the team that KTV'ing is pretty much the same questionable practice known to the western world as karaoke. If we are wrong, feel free to correct us.

This toilet seems pretty decent, assuming that the shining silver pole is part of the sewage removal system and doesn't serve some other questionable function. We can think of quite a few. This is one of the nicest squat toilets Werner has sent us. It's certainly much nicer than the Tibetan ones he has sent in. He mentions remembering the faint smell of fresh lemons in the air and says he was pleasantly surprised that it flushed. Sounds like a dream.

Thanks Werner,

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fathom Creative - Washington, DC

photo of toilet at Fathom Creative in Washington DC

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Fathom Creative in Washington DC.

Chad Kroeger probably has a similar toilet in his house to boost his self esteem after being ranked 5th on Spike TV's Top 7 Ugliest Rock Frontment list. His line might also include words of encouragement such as, "And your voice sounds fantastic today, go record a song."

But enough of that for now. This toilet was sent in by Paul, an Irish supporter of the blog.

There's nothing quite like receiving a compliment. Receiving it when at your most vulnerable is even better. The design and development team at Fathom creative are obviously a positive group of people and probably feel pretty good about themselves after leaving this toilet.

Thanks for the toilet Paul, you are a handsome bunch of lads.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Friday, April 13, 2012

Death Valley National Park - California & Nevada

phot of toilet at Death Valley National Park

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Death Valley National Park

A pit toilet at the lowest point in Northern America sort of makes sense in a "how low can you go" kind of way. Unfortunately Death Valley is also one of the hottest places in the world, having recorded the second highest temperature in the world at 134 °F (57 °C). This does not help improve the smell emanating from below. But with water not exactly being abundant here, a dry toilet system is probably a very good decision. 

When the team visited the park, we only had a couple of hours to spend there. We arrived already dehydrated after a long night of playing Keno in Vegas. Keno in Vegas does that to you. We did have a great time. We stumbled around the park as temperatures soared to 122 °F (50 °C). We visited Badwater Basin, 282 ft below sea level. We attempted a short hike which we didn't finish. We sweated buckets. We took a picture of this toilet. We ran out of sweat. We left.

The park really is beautiful and you should go there. Specially if you have a hangover after losing all your money in Vegas. Go down to the Badwater Basin. Focus what thoughts you can muster on the salty crust surrounding the small spring of undrinkable water you will see there. Underneath this crust lives the Badwater Snail. Often stepped on and crushed to death by visitors. You have found a more miserable creature than yourself. 

 -- The Toilets of the World Team

Monday, March 12, 2012

Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa

photo of toilet on the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

When a very good friend of the Toilets of the World Team, Mark Jacobs, recently visited the top of Table Mountain, he didn't send us pictures of the panoramic views of Cape Town. He didn't send us pictures of the cute little flea invested dassies (rock hyrax) lazing about the place. He didn't send us pictures of the unique and rich Cape Fynbos that cover the sides of the mountain. Instead he sent us a picture of the toilet you find at the top of this famous South African landmark.

This is the kind of thinking the Toilets team applaud.

Except for the button which is demanding to be pushed, this seems like a pretty simple toilet. It almost looks as if a hole has been cut into the top of a cooler box and then had a toilet lid slapped onto the top of it. Not very exciting but nevertheless, we approve of this toilet because it sticks to the theme of the mountain. Table Mountain is known for being very flat. This toilet is very flat. Makes sense? We think so.

Thanks Mark.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Preservation Pub - Knoxville, Tennessee

photo of toilet at the Preservation Pub in Knoxville Tennessee

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from The Preservation Pub in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Preservation Pub, located on Market Square, is well know for its amazing beer selection, live music, great bar tenders, and now (we hope) for this fantastic toilet.

The Toilets of the World Team stopped here on day one of a 36 day, 12 000 mile long road trip during which we hoped to come across some interesting toilets. Finding a Where the Wild Things Are themed toilet on day one, not to mention ever, meant the trip was already a success.

We found a comfy booth and drank some of the many beers the pub has to offer while examining the unique decor and making frequent trips to the bathroom just to make sure the toilet still existed.  This was back in 2010 and we really hope it's still there.

The Preservation Pub includes three levels. A dark and smoky first floor with booths and a long bar counter. A non-smoking second floor (referred to as the SpeakEasy) with more bathrooms, and a smaller bar. Then a 3rd level roof deck called the Moonshine Roof Garden which is the first space of this kind in the area.

Thank you, Preservation Pub. This is toilet art at is best. The rest of your establishment was great too.

 -- The Toilets of the World Team

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Kettlehouse - Missoula, Montana

photo of toilet at The Kettlehouse in Missoula Montana

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from The Kettlehouse in Missoula, Montana.

The night that the Toilets of the World team ended up grilling steaks at Misty's Trailerhome on Rainbow Road, we had started our tour of Missoula at The Kettlehouse.

The Kettlehouse is a small microbrewery and taproom, opened by Tim O'Leary. It serves some of the most interesting and tasty beers that the team has ever come across. You'll just have to go there, or trust us. One example of the innovative spirit that seems to drive Tim and his team, is the delicious "Old Bongwater Hemp Porter". This rich porter is made with 1/2 pound of hemp seed per 16 gallon keg. It tastes like heaven.

When we visited, the toilets at The Kettlehouse were clean and had enough interesting posters, notices and writings on the wall to keep us interested as we emptied our tanks and made room for some seriously amazing beer.

Thanks Tim and the rest of the Kettlehouse team. You've got some skill.

 -- The Toilets of the World Team

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Southern Rail - Carrboro, North Carolina

photo of toilet at the Southern Rail in Carrboro North Carolina

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Southern Rail, a restaurant in Carrboro, North Carolina.

The Southern Rail is located between active freight train tracks in downtown Carrboro. It features a massive collection of train themed antiques, historic signage, train themed memorabilia, and artwork. Thats all very good and well as long as you're interested in trains. If you're interested in toilets, though, you might not even notice the trains rushing past* you as you stare at this piece of toilet art while taking a leak or making a poo.

This photo was submitted by Captain Awesome and it is the first toilet with a (s)peed limit that the Toilets of the World team has seen to date. Big thumbs up to the Southern Rail for bringing traffic control into the bathroom.

  -- The Toilets of the World Team

* Trains probably don't really rush past here. Saying they do, helps us make our point which is that this is one great toilet.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unknown - Tibet, China

photo of toilet in unknown location in Tibet, China

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from an unknown location in Tibet.

This interesting looking toilet is the second Tibetan toilet sent in to us by Werner Arno Van Rooyen who writes:

"Another Tibetan beauty. When you walk in to these, oddly enough the first one or two are always taken. So the whole time you are walking you keep muttering to yourself, "I'm not watching, I'm not watching, I'm not watching", amidst all the grumping and plopping and OH MY GOD, I ACCIDENTALLY TURNED MY HEAD! and you cry yourself to sleep for a week."

The silver lining, if you had to find one, would probably be the tiles. They must have looked really pretty when they were first cemented down. They must have had no idea what awaited them. 

Thanks Werner.

-- The Toilets of the World Team
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