Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cactus - George, South Africa

photo of toilet at Coyote Cactus Cafe in George South Africa

Today, The Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Coyote Cactus Cafe, a Mexican bar and restaurant in George, South Africa.

Cactus is famous for its wood oven pizza, fantastic chili poppers, and magical ability to suck you in, get you drunk, and then spit you back out onto the pavement. Usually with a smile on your face and usually after some extended dance sessions on the bar counter to Roxette. Sounds painful, but it's like crack: you'll be back next week for more.

Coyote Cactus is home to an eclectic collection of locals from all across the Garden Route. The locals keep the bar busy during the quiet season and it's a favorite destination for vacationers over the summer holidays.

The toilets at Cactus are pretty well know for many things. Probably best for being a place where new relationships can blossom over night but also where old ones come to an end. The tiling on the walls are beautiful. One can spend hours looking for meaning and repetition in the patterns. Its also a large bathroom. If it were a closet, it would be a walk-in closet. All round, a big thumbs up from the Toilets of the World team.

Having recently expanded to include more seating, a band stage, and a second bar counter (or dance floor) things seem to be going well. If the owner's liver lasts, Cactus will most certainly see many more fantastic years.

All the best,

-- The Toilets of the World Team

In case you wanted the address, Coyote Cactus is located on 29 Courtney Street, almost across the road from a KFC.

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