Sunday, August 7, 2011

Victorian Inn - Luray, Virginia

photo of toilet at victorian inn luray virginia

Today, the Toilets of the World blog brings you a toilet from the Victorian Inn, in Luray, Virginia.

This sculpture of a smiling, half bald old man holding a tray containing tissue paper is not a feature found next to most toilets, but the Victorian Inn B&B had the balls to put him there.

Perhaps its a "shout out" to the sculptor William Randolph Barbee who practiced law in Luray, VA before moving to Italy. Perhaps the owner just has a creepy sense of humor. Perhaps this is not a sculpture at all but a really shiny dwarf man. Either way, the Toilets of the World blog applauds what's happening in this Victorian Inn bathroom.

This photo was submitted by a man from Ireland who now resides in the US. His name is Paul. He is a Murphy.

-- Toilets of the World Team

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