Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Boy - Coldwater, Michigan

photo of toilet at big boy in coldwater michigan

Today, the Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from the Big Boy restaurant in Coldwater Michigan.

When you grow up watching the Austin Powers movies with the Big Boy statue as Dr. Evil's spaceship, you can't help but get excited about actually visiting one of these fast food joints.

When the Toilets of the World team showed up, the first thing we did was get our pictures taken next to the iconic statue of the tubby six year old boy in overalls, who liked the burgers so much that he would sweep the floors of the restaurant to earn himself a "free" burger. Child labor?

We sat down, ordered our food and started salivating. As the team waited, we recited famous quotes from the Austin Powers movies. Like idiots, some team members even put their pinky finger next to their mouths and did the Dr Evil laugh. There were layoffs in the morning.

After finishing our food, something started happening in this team members stomach and I knew it was go time. I grabbed my camera to document the toilet (as we Toilets of the World blog members tend to do) and made my way to the bathroom hoping to make a comfortable deposit into a clean bowl. This was not the case. It stank in their, it stank bad. Urine covered the floor and even worse, the toilet rim. I wished I could run outside, jump into the Big Boy spaceship and go somewhere with a clean bowl.

We don't want to badmouth this toilet or this establishment. We know its probably not like this all the time. But this is what it was like when we visited and we blog about toilets.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

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