Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bohemia - Stellenbosch, South Africa

photo of toilet at Bohemia in Stellenbosch South Africa

Today the Toilets of the World Blog brings you a toilet from Bohemia, a fantastic bar in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

This toilet is known for being one of the dirtiest ones in Stellenbosch. The bar however is one of the best. Hookah's, great pizza's, foosball, cheap beer and boxed wine come together in a happy drunken haze the memory of which still makes us smile.

The police also held a pretty stupid raid here once.

The Toilets of the World recently revisited Bohemia and found that the bathrooms have been updated and are much cleaner. The drunken haze its known for however, is still much the same.

-- The Toilets of the World Team

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  1. Way back...I remember this you should come take a pic of my WC.


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